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A Storm is Brewing on the Horizon

As a member of a small but rising mercenary group from the seafaring nation of Falk, you have been sent as a scout to recover a mysterious artifact from the island state of Am Balla. But as you set foot on the shore, you feel the coast is eerily silent. Something grim is afoot. Reclaim the object and find out what went wrong.


Wrestle Vicious Foes

Your enemies are as powerful as they are numerous; engage them by using your wits, skills and equipment. As you advance, make sure to tread carefully for you never know when you could be ambushed.


Expand your arsenal

Being trained in a myriad of martial forms, you will find the weapons, tools and upgrades, allowing you to take on all of the foes and challenges along the way.


Venture through an island riddled with mysteries

Undertake a journey through forgotten swamps, besieged cities, towering mountains and a variety of hostile landscapes. Expand your mobility and unlock the hidden paths that will allow you to travel to the far reaches of the isle… and beyond.


Be put to the test in harrowing boss battles

Among all encounters, some great foes will test your skills to their limits; repel their relentless strikes and deceptive schemes by employing the entirety of your strength and stand victorious on the battlefield.


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